Strim Base

N Sign have manufactured and patented a product that stops the need for unsightly spraying and strimming around posts.

Traditionally a post or lighting column is put into a hole and back filled, usually with concrete. The base of the post is usually surrounded by soil in which grass grows. These posts are either cut around to keep the grass in check, which is very time consuming or are sprayed with roundup or similar chemicals to kill the growth.

The Strim Base is made from two black recycled polypropylene halves that are fastened together around the base of a post using a simple clip system and a nut and bolt. The base extends to a radius of 200mm from the centre of the post and is designed to be low enough to mow over.

The Strim Base has been manufactured to suit all standard diameter holes are: 50mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm, 140mm & 168mm.


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